These very interesting and stylish plants have beautiful variegation and leaf shapes, with some leaves looking like butterflies and some having a more 'mickey mouse' ear shape.  The leaves tend to form a cup and have leaf edges that are often yellow in color and fade to white as the plant ages.    The plant is often misidentified as an alocasia, you will often hear it referred to as a variegated alocasia Sting Ray.  Variegated Xanthosomas are very noticeable and attention grabbing plants.  They can grow quite large, reaching heights of 1.2-1.5m at maturity.


These are fantastic 'wish list' plant specimens that we are sure will sell out.

Xanthosoma 'Mickey Mouse' Albo Marginata

  • Light

    Bright indirect light.  Will tolerate a small amount of direct sun during either the early morning or late afternoon.


    Prefers the soil to be kept slightly moist.  Water when the first 3-5cm of soil dries.

  • Medium:  17 cm diameter nursery pot in our premium tropical potting mix

    Plants are approximately 50+ cm tall, including the pot