The classic 'mickey mouse' / 'bunny ears' / 'white angel' opuntia has been a popular choice as a gift or for cactus collections for a reason:  it is cute and easy to grow.


This mickey mouse with white glochids has medium size pads that are softer and more flexible than the yellow or red microdasys varieties.  It tends to grow the fastest as well.  Make sure it gets adequate light, otherwise it has a tendency to etoliate (stretch).  If this happens, simply provide more light and prune off the stretch pad if necessary.


Be careful, the fine white hairlike glochids are soft to the touch initially, but will get into your skin easily... look but don't touch this one !  

Opuntia microdasys var. albispina / Angel wings cactus

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  • Light

    Bright (indirect or direct) light.  Too little light will cause the pads to etoliate (stretch) giving them an undesirable appearance.  If this happens provide more light and if necessary prune off the etoliated pads.


    When the soil is completely dry, about once every 1-2 weeks.


  • small:  10 cm nursery pot