These Anthurium hybrids are new to our collection and are fantastic houseplants.  They are locally known as 'Green Anthuriums' and their botanical name remains unknown at this time.  These are a 'must have' for any collector of velvet, large leaf anthuriums,  They have stunning tropical looking leaves and can grow into HUGE plants given time and the correct growing conditions.  We have a specimen in our personal collection that has leaves over 65cm in length amd  40cm wide.  The plants for sale are medium sized for this species, approximately 65 cm tall including the pot, with the larger leaves over 30cm in length.


These lovely anthuriums have a D shaped stem and a spadix that comes out cream colored and darkens to a deep burgundy/brown.  The leaves are heart shaped, thick, green with light colored veins.  These plants are very easy to grow indoors or outside.  


These are stunning plants that make a unique and interesting additon to any collection.  Guaranteed to get noticed, especially as they grow into very large sized plants.

'Velvet leaf' Anthurium

SKU: vlanthurium
  • Light

    Partial shade to bright indirect light.  Well suited to medium light interior spaces


    About once a week.  Likes the soil to be kept slightly moist but not soaking wet.  This plant needs high humidity.

  • Medium:  18 cm diameter nursery pot

    Plant has leaves over 25cm in length and is approximately 40-50cm tall including the pot



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