Hoyas are incredible houseplants and one of our favorites is the Hoya Carnosa Variegata Tricolor.  We love variegated plants.  We also love plants that have some pink color.  This is one of the few plant specimens in our collection that has both !


The Hoya Carnosa Variegata Tricolor has prominent white leaf variegation with pink stems and little splashes of pink on some leaves.  Some leaves can come out completely white if grown in proper conditions.


This hoya variety enjoys heat, humidity and bright, indirect light.  Water only when the soil is completely dry.  DO NOT OVERWATER.  Less is more with these beautiful plants.  Place it in an appropriate location and leave it alone.  If you aren't sure if it needs water, wait until you are sure the soil is completely dry.  


These are incredible plants that belong in your collection !


Hoya Carnosa Variegata Tricolor

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  • Light

    Bright indirect light.  Does not like direct light or low light locations.


    Only when the soil is completely dry.  DO NOT OVERWATER.  If in doubt, wait until another day.  Depending on the heat in your location, your plant might only need to be watered ever 2+ weeks.

  • small:  10 cm nursery pot with a special, quick draining mix for hoyas