If you are looking for high quality, handmade pottery at incredible prices, we highly recommend pieces from the Classic White pottery collection.  Made exclusively for Plant Revolution by La Tombola, these beautifully designed glazed pots come in classic white, with a rounded bottom and drainage holes.  These pots are a great way to revamp your décor and show off your prized plants.  


If you want something unique and classy for your home, you can't go wrong with Classic White pottery.  100% handmade in Costa Rica, these pots have prices that are comparable to many manufactured pottery sets, but are of much higher quality. 


Classic White pots are available in 3 different sizes.


Mini:  9cm diameter X 8cm tall  -  9,500 colones

Small:  12 diameter X 9cm tall  -  11,500 colones

Medium: 16cm diameter X 13cm tall  -  16,500 colones


These are handmade, unique items.  Sizes are approximate and may vary slightly.

Plant not included.



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