This Syngonium Wenlandii in handmade, pink and black glazed pottery by La Tombola is the perfect gift.  


Your plant will arrive potted, ready to be given as a gift or to become part of your home decor.  Let us know if your plant is a gift, and we can gift wrap it and send it with a gift tag for no additional cost.


These beautiful syngoniums have luscious, dark green leaves with white or silver veining on the interior portion of the leaf.  They are slow growing plants that need to climb in order to produce larger, mature leaves.  We prefer to leave ours as a potted plant without letting it climb, which keeps the white leaf accents.  The leaves have a velvety texture.


This is a great houseplant that is underappreciated and not commonly seen.  


Cupid's Arrow is locally handmade pottery from La Tombola, exclusively available at Plant Revolution.  This is high quality pottery at it's finest !



Syngonium Wenlandii in 'Cupid's Arrow' pot by La Tombola

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  • Light

    Prefers low light


    Keep the soil moist.  Water twice a week minimum.  Mist 2-3 times weekly.

  • Small:  11.5cm diameter x 8.5cm tall handmade pot