We love just about every syngonium / garobo plant, but this variegated version is THE ONE everyone should have.


Variegated plants are very popular, and we expect that the initial shipment of these plants will sell out.  


While all plants are unique and have varying leaf size and variegation. the product photo was a real plant in our store and is representative of what you can expect to receive.


Grows like most other hanging syngoniums, very easily and quickly.  Put in partial shade to bright filtered light and keep it a little on the moist side.  Tolerant of low light situations.


Amazing as a hanging plant !  We recommend it on the edge of a shelf, or in a macrame plant hanger.

Variegated Syngonium podophyllum 'albo variegata'

  • Light

    Does best in medium indirect to bright filtered indoor light, or partial shade outdoors.  


    Prefers the soil to be kept at least slightly moist.  Water about once a week.


    Not essential as this is a vigorous, fast growing plant.  Low strength diluted fertilizer about once a month will give the plant a further boost.  Don't overdo it.

  • Medium:  14 to 17 cm nursery pot with our custom, premium tropical potting mix