Another stunning pink plant that has recently made it's way to our collection, the Syngonium Podophyllum 'Pink Blush' is somewhat rare, slow growing, and like most pink plants it is in high demand.  This Syngonium variety is more dense and darker pink than the 'Flamingo' syngonium podophyllum, with pointier arrowhead shaped leaves.  The color seems easier to maintain than the 'Flamingo' as well, making this a great option for less experienced houseplant enthusiasts.


As a smaller plant Pink Blush will grow upright but as it gets taller will eventually hang over the side of the pot under the weight of it's leaves.  These are beautiful hanging plants once they fill in and grow out.



Syngonium Podophyllum 'Pink Blush'

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  • Light

    Tolerates shade but does best and maintains it's color best in partial shade


    When the first 3-5 cm of soil is dry, about once a week


    1/2 strength about once a month

  • small:  14cm diameter nursery pot with our custom premium tropical potting mix

    Plants are approximately 25 cm tall including the pot