Syngoniums of all varieties are best sellers in our shop for obvious reasons.  They come in a variety of beautiful colors, shapes and sizes but virtually all are very easy to grow, highly adaptable plants that do well in most environments. 


Syngonium Angustatum ‘Little Star’ is one of our newest favorites.  Seedlings and very young plants produce the famous arrowhead triangular leaf shape common with most syngoniums.  As the plant matures the plant will start producing 3 lobed leaves, then 5, 7, 9 or more lobes on larger, more mature leaves.  The lobes become thinner and longer looking on mature plants, having the appearance of long ‘fingers’. 


‘Little Star’ can be quite variable in color.  Seedlings and juvenile plants will have almost completely green leaves with some white veining.  As the plants mature the interior white pattern can become more prominent, particularly if the plant is given lots of light.  Mature plants exposed to bright indirect light can have mostly white leaves.


We have 3 types of ‘Little Star’ for sale so that you can choose a plant that you find the most appealing.  Choose from 3 lobed ‘little green star’,  5+ lobed ‘little white star’, or the 5-7+ ‘long finger little star’.


The plant for sale is the same or similar in appearance to the plant pictured above with most leaves being 3-5 lobed and mostly white in color.  Please see our other product listings for 'little green star' and 'long finger little star' angustatum varieties.


Syngonium 'Little Star' Angustatum - White Star