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Orbeas are easy to grow and require minimal care but are very rewarding due to their magnificent flowers.  They are a great choice for beginners and experienced plant collectors, and do very well in our climate.


This Lutea variety will produce very bright and cheery yellow 'lifesaver' type flowers when gorwn in the right conditions.  They only require water about once every two weeks and do well indoors near a window with good light, or on in an outdoor space with shelter from the elements and from direct light.  Use a 1/2 strength flowering fertilizer during active growing phases to encourage blooming.  Keep an eye out for pests, especially mealy bugs, which can damage the plant and lead to problems with overwatering / rot.


Orbeas, huernias, and stapelias are all underrated plants that are great for collectors.  With unique flowers, these easy to grow plants belong in every collection.  Start with one ... once it flowers we are sure you will want more of these special plants.


Orbea semota var. lutea

SKU: Stapleen
  • Light

    Medium to bright indirect light.  Does well in patios that are shielded from the elements and that do not get strong direct light.


    Water when soil is completely dry, about once a week. Do not overwater


    1/2 strength fertilizer during active growing phases will help the plant to flower 

  • small:  10 cm nursery pot