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Another amazing stapelia variety that stuns with it's large (up to 12.5 cm) crimson red to dark purple flowers.  The flowers of this and many of the other stapelia species must be seen to be truly appreciated.  There are few comparable plant species that produce such magnificent flowers and are this easy to grow.


The plants for sale are taken from cuttings several months ago and are small but well developed.  The photo was taken in our store and is representative of the plant that will be shipped to you.  Sorry, but we don't know when it will flower, but if you treat the plant right and are patient, good things will come.


As with most stapelias, the plant requires very little care.  It hates being overwatered and is tolerant of being underwatered.  When it doubt, don't water.  Also watch for pests, or any damage to the plant, which can allow water to enter the plant.  


Does not require a lot of light, and does very well in partial to light shade with little to no direct sunlight.  In correct conditions this stapelia can flower periodically throughout the year.  


Highly recommended... stapelias are some of our absolute favourites.

Stapelia Leendertziae

SKU: P170stapelia
  • Light

    Indoors:  medium to bright indirect light, preferably in the morning or late afternoon.  Does not like direct light during the hottest hours of the day

    Outdoors:  shade/indirect light avoiding too much direct, intense light  


    The number 1 issue with stapelias is over watering.  Use a gritty, well draining soil mix. Terracotta pots also help keep the plant dry.  Stapelias tolerate some level of underwaterinig, so if in doubt do not water.  Will typically show when it is underwatered by developing wrinkles, but the plant will quickly recover if watered.  

    Our indoor stapelias need water about every two weeks.


    About once a month when it is developing flowers or flowering.



  • Small:  10cm nursery pot with premium succulent potting mix