One of the more unique looking stapeliads, Stapelianthus Decaryi is one of the more 'ruggedly beautiful' plants in our collection.  Best grown outdoors as it needs the variation in day/night and seasonal temperatures to flower.    As with all stapeliads it withstands high heat and does not tolerate being overwatered.  We recommend growing this plant in a covered patio space where it is protected from rain.  The plant will grow in spikey stems up to 10cm tall, and will fill out in clumps as the plant matures.


NOTE:  Plants shipped typically will not be flowering.  The flower in the picture is to show what you can expect when this plant flowers.  Good long term care and proper conditions are usually required for this plant to flower.


Stapelianthus Decaryi

SKU: stapelianthus
  • small:  comes in an 9cm diameter nursery pot in our custom cactus and succulent potting mix

  • Light

    Bright indirect light outdoors is best.  Will tolerate lower light but won't usually flower or grow optimally in these conditions


    Only when the soil is completely dry, about once every 10-14 days depeding on the heat and humidity in your location.  If you repot, ensure that very well draining soil is used.


    Lightly during active growing phases



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