One of the most famous low light, easy care plants.  These plants not only look great, they can withstand abuse, infrequent watering and tolerate lower light situations than most 'low light' plants.  Work great in almost any location from full, direct sun in hot, dry environments all the way to your bathroom that only gets a little bit of light each day.


Sansevieria are also great for air purifying plants as confirmed by studies conducted by NASA.  


If you have had difficulty growing plants, can only water your plants every 2 weeks, or have conditions that are difficult to grow in, we recommend starting with a sansevieria.  

Sansevieria trifasciata 'Laurentii'

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  • Light

    Tolerates all light conditions from full direct sun to low light.  Grows faster with more light, but is one of the most tolerant plants for low light situations.


    Water when the soil is completely dry.  Outdoors:  about once every 7-14 days.  Indoors:  about once every 14 days.  Just about the only thing this plant does not like is frequent (i.e. daily) watering.  

    Tolerates abuse and neglect, although naturally we recommend following good plant care practices.  Generally these plants won't be affected by missing a watering.

  • Medium:  18 cm diameter nursery pot

    Plants are approximately 80cm tall, including the pot