These beauties are a popular snake plant variety that share all the attributes of other snake plants while having a unique and very stylish shape.  As with all snake plants, they tolerate a variety of light conditions, require minimal care, and are resistant to most pests and plant diseases.


They grow best in bright indirect light indoors but tolerate low light conditions.  Lengthy periods of very low light causes the plant to lose some of it's color so if you have it in this type of location it's best to give it a little extra natural light 1-2 times a week.  The thick, spear-like stems grow from a rosette and spread out over time.  These stems can grow quite thick and long over time, although it is a slow growing plant. 


The shape is somewhat unique and one of the many reasons these plants are popular these days.  Some people prefer to tie the stems together or even braid them with elastic bands, although we like to let them grow in their natural formation (as in the picture).  They are also great for anyone looking for low care or low light plants.  

Sansevieria cylindrica

SKU: cylindrica
  • Light

    Tolerates most interior light conditions from bright indirect light to low light conditions


    When the soil is completely dry, about once every 2 weeks.  In hot locations it might want water every week.  The thick stems store a lot of water, so the plant is very drought resistant.  If you miss a watering, the plant will almost always be fine.  Do not water excessively frequently, as this type of overwatering is the one thing snake plants do not like.

  • medium:  17-18 cm diameter nursery pot

    Plants for sale are over 60cm tall when in their natural growing pattern as in the photo (including the pot).  The leaves are over 50cm in length if straightened, for example as they would be if they are tied together or braided to give a vertical growth pattern