The 'mistletoe' rhipsalis is a classic jungle cactus species that grows in humid, semi shaded environments.  These epiphytic cactus are fast growing, easy to care for and tolerate from low light to bright indirect sun.  Outdoors they can even tolerate a small amount of direct sun.   They are fast growing, hanging plants that are great in macrame, spilling over a shelf, or mounted.  


A true 'must have' for every collector.   Add a little jungle to your home.  

Rhipsalis Baccifera

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  • Light

    Tolerates from bright, indirect sun to low light indoors, as long as it receives some natural light

    Outdoors it can tolerate a small amount of direct sun, but prefers indirect light



    About once a week indoors.  Let the soil dry out between waterings.



    Lightly about once a month


  • Small:  12cm nursery pot with premium potting mix