Cute, small cactus that are very easy to care for.  Put it on a desk or table in front of a window that gets good light, and water only when the soil completely dries, about once every 2 weeks. 


This is the red 'rufida' variety of the popular 'bunny ear' microdasys cactus family.  Grows somewhat more slowly than the white and yellow microdasys and the pads are smaller.  It's low profile, slow growth and ease of care make it a great potted cactus for a desk or table.  It is also nice in succulent arrangements due to it's small, tree like profile.  

Opuntia microdasys var. rufida / Red Bunny Ear cactus

  • Light

    Bright light (indirect or direct).  Will tolerate meidum indirect interior lighting, but needs more light to truly thrive.


    When the soil dries completely. About once every 2 weeks.  As with most opuntias, it will tolerate some overwatering but prefers to be kept dry.


  • small:  10 cm nursery pot



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