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A very popular collectible flowering cactus, the slow growing, small rebutia heliosa has a very unique cylindrical / cone shape circled by offsets.  New offsets will eventually envelop the plant.  This is one of the most commented on small cactus species in our store due to it's 'alien' appearance, colour and texture.


A mature species with numerous offsets can produce spectacular, long lasting (10 days) red/orange flowers that are 4-5 cm tall and wide.  Slowly but surely produces numerous buttons that circle around and eventually envelop the cactus.  Maximum heighth and width are each usually under 4 cm.  


Relatively easy to grow but does not like to be overwatered, or to sit in standing water.  

Rebutia heliosa

  • Light 

    Indoors bright light.  Outdoors bright indirect, but not too much direct bright light or heat.  


    Let the soil dry between waterings.  Err on the side of underwatering as this cactus does not tolerate overwatering.  Do not let the pot sit in standing water.  Must be in a very well draining potting mix.


    Fertilize while the cactus is actively growing.


    Rebutias are typically triggered to flower by seasonal changes in temperature.  

  • Small:  12 cm diameter nursery pot