This new philodendron hybrid is very sought after but still somewhat rare.  Silver Metal combines the leaf texture and color of a Hastatum 'Silver sword' with the thicker, lusher growth pattern more similar to Pothos.  The leaves are thick, succulent and have the classic green/silver hue made famous by the Hastatum.  Silver Metal are very durable plants, fairly resistant to pests and are very easy to grow.  This is another tropical plant classic for anyone wanting to add some jungle vibe to their living space.


They prefer a warm environment and bright, filtered light.  Do not mistake these for low light plants, as they need good light or they will stretch and lose their lush growth pattern.  

Philodendron Silver Metal

SKU: slvrmtl
  • Light

    Bright, indirect light.  Prefers filtered light


    When the first 5 cm of the soil are dry, about once a week


    1/2 strength once every month while the plant is actively growing

  • Medium:  15cm diameter nursery pot with premium tropical potting mix