Aroids are in high demand this year, and Philodendron Mamei have been particularly popular with collectors.  There is a growing trend towards jungle/tropical philodendrons and in this area this Philodendron Mamei hybrid does not disappoint. It has the classic heart shaped philodendron leaf shape and very rib textured leaves with grey/silver variegation. The petioles have notable ruffled edges. It is a creeping species, growing a long stem close to the ground.


Opinions have ranged on the parentage of this hybrid but the consensus among trusted sources has been that it is a Philodendron Mamei hybrid possibly Philodendron Mamei X Plowmanii.  Unfortunately the original grower was not able to provide details of the plant’s origins.  


This is an easy growing Philodendron suitable for everyone from novices to experienced plant enthusiasts.  It does best in medium to bright indirect light and enjoys humidity.  Keep the soli slightly moist, watering about 1-2 times per week.

Philodendron Mamei

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  • Light

    Medium to bright indirect light


    1-2 times per week.  Keep the soil slightly moist.

  • small:  14-17 cm diameter nursery pot



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