Philodendron Micans have delicate, heart shaped, iridiscent leaves with a slightly velvet texture.  They range in color from green to darker green or slightly purple mostly based on the amount of light they receive.


Micans are easy growing indoors or outdoors and are great vining or hanging plants.  You can choose to train them to grow vertically or let them hang over a ledge.  Our personal preference is to let our Micans hang over the edge of a shelf or to display it as a hanging plant in a macrame plant hanger.

Philodendron Hederaceum Micans

  • Light

    Bright indirect light


    Prefers to be kept slightly moist.  Water about 2 times per week

  • small:  10-12cm nursery pot with our custom, premium tropical potting mix

    medium:  13cm nursery pot with our custom, premium tropical pottting mix