A beautiful  and large specimen Philodendron Hastatum silver sword.  These somewhat rare philodendrons are popular with collectors for their smooth, glossy, silvery, almost metallic, green leaves and the ease with which they grow.  Philodendron Hastatum are vigorous, climbing plants that are easy to care for, strong, and rewarding.  Hastatum are perfect plants to attach to a moss pole.  


Originating from Brazil, these plants have become increasingly rare in the wild due to habitat destruction, but are popular as cultivated collector plants. They are very easy to care for, somewhat resilient plants and highly recommended for anyone looking for a climbing philodendron species.

Philodendron hastatum Silver Sword

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  • Light

    Bright indirect light.  If more than one leaf is turning yellow consider if it is receiving too much light.  If the plant is stretching, with long gaps between sets of leaves, it probably is not receiving sufficient light


    When the soil dries out, about once every week


    Lightly every 1-2 months


    Pruning your hastatum can help control it's shape and can give it a more desirable appearance.


  • Medium:  20cm plastic nursery pot.

    Plant measures 75cm across