This dark philodendron hybrid produces dark copper leaves that turn to a dark, almost black color before slowly fading to a dark green as the plant matures.  Leaves are thinner, elongated ovals with a slight point at the tip compared to the larger, rounder leaves of the Philodendron 'Royal Queen' or other dark philodendrons that have V shaped leaves.


A must have for any philodendron collection or for those who like dark foliage.


Philodendron 'Black Diamond'

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  • Light

    This plant enjoys bright to medium indirect light.



    Water twice per week.  Spray leaves with water twice per week. 



    Fertilize with balanced fertilizer once per month. 

  • Medium:  Plant comes in 12-15cm diameter nusery pot with our premium tropical potting mix

    Plants are 30cm+ tall including the pot