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Originating from Myanmar, Persian Shield always makes it on the list of 'best houseplants' due to it's unique iridescent dark purple foliage.  It is very easy to care for and thrives in low to medium indirect light indoors, or in partial shade on a patio.  The dark purple color of the leaves is actually enhanced when the plant is given partial shade.


This plant is easy to propagate and makes a great color accent, especially when grouped together.  Leaves grow to about 15 cm length and the plant can reach 0.6-0.8 metres in height.


Persian Shield is harder to find locally than it should be, and is often sold in very poor condition, with too much sun causing faded coloration in the leaves.  We thought everyone should have one of the classic houseplants, so we propagated these very nicely grown specimens from our personal collection.

'Persian Shield' Strobilanthes dyerianus

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  • Light

    Medium to low indirect light indoors.  Prefers partial shade but needs some light for the leaves to have the most desirable dark purple color.  Also thrives in partial shade outdoors, as it loves hot and humid environments.


    When the first 5-8cm of the soil is dry, about 1-2 times every week.


    Lightly about once a month

  • small:  12 cm nursery pot with our custom premium tropical potting mix