With it’s beautiful deep purple butterfly shaped foliage and delicate white flowers, Oxalis is a classic and essential plant for every serious plant collector.  


Oxalis is an easy to grow, vigorous and long lasting plant. The plant is also famed for it’s movement, as it’s leaves open in day light and close in lower light, particularly dramatic when viewed in time lapse videos.   Oxalis can be a very long lived and is often referred to as an heirloom plant, since it can be enjoyed for many years and divided to give new plants for your friends and family to enjoy.


NOTE:  Oxalis are VERY durable plants that in our experience almost always come back to life even when all the shoots die back.  Oxalis can also be sensitive to the stresses of shipping.  If your plant arrives with shoots that are drooping/dying, we may ask that you give it a little time to recover before we assess whether to send a replacement plant.  Often some or all of the shoots will recover and new shoots will appear fairly quickly.  If your plant isn't recovering in the first 7-10 days we will replace your plant if it not recovering sufficiently. 

Oxalis Triangularis

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  • Light

    Bright, indirect light

    Can tolerate some direct sun, but too much intense heat may cause the plant to look dull and can initiate dormancy



    About once a week

    Allow the soil to dry between waterings



    Once every 2-4 weeks during active growth only.


    The plant will go into a dormancy period every 2-7 years.  During this time plant leaves will die off and it will appear the plant is having serious health issues. Stop watering during dormant periods and let the soil dry. After a few weeks, you should see new growth reappear, at which time you can also resume watering. The plant should recover fairly quickly after new growth appears.

  • medium+:    15cm nursery pot with premium potting mix