The classic 'bunny ears' / 'Mickey Mouse' cactus remains very popular with it's unique cute shape and color.  This is the 'yellow' version, with yellow glochids and larger pads than the white or red varieties.  As with all opuntias, this is very easy to grow and makes a great interior or patio plant.


Put in a spot with good light and only water when the soil is completely dry, about once every 2 weeks.  Great as an office desk plant or in front of a window.  Because it is so cute and easy to care for, this a popular gift item.



Opuntia microdasys var. pallida / Yellow Mickey Mouse cactus

SKU: yellowopuntia
  • Light

    Bright light (indirect or direct).  


    When the soil is completely dry, about once every 1-2 weeks.  


    Lightly when actively growing.

  • small:  10 cm nursery pot