Commonly named the 'medallion' or 'pavo real' calathea due to it's beautiful leaf patterns.  Fantastic, shiny leaves deepen in color as they mature, and have deep purple undersides.  While it is not a difficult plant to grow, it prefers a little higher humidity and regular watering, so is not recommended for 'black thumbs' or novice gardeners.


As with many of the 'prayer plant' species, leaves can raise and lower again during the course of the day,   

Calathea Roseopicta

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  • Light

    Medium, indirect light.  Does not like strong, direct sun.  Leaves curling or fading in color often mean the plant needs more light.



    Keep the soil slightly moist.  Water when the first 2cm of soil are dry.



    Prefers a humid environment.  Does not like being directly in the path of air conditioning.  Mist regularly if possible and keep in a humid location.

  • Small:  10 cm pot with premium potting mix