There has never been a better to purchase one of these beautiful flowering cactus species.  Our plants are either flowering or just starting to put out flower buds.  With proper care, your cactus should flower throughout the holiday season !


This carmenae variety of mammolaria has similarities to the traditional albiflora, and also produces delicate white flowers when grown in proper conditions.  The spines provide greater coverage of the cactus and these seem to like a little more light and heat than the traditional albifloras.


This is another great, small and compact, flowering cactus that is great for any plant collector.  

Mammolaria carmenae albiflora

  • Light

    Indoors:  bright indirect, near a window with good natural light

    outdoors:  bright indirect, perfect for a sheltered patio that does not get excessive direct sunlight


    About once every 2 weeks when the soil is completely dry.  Do not overwater.


    1/2 strength flowering fertilizer during active growing phases will help achieve and maintain flowering

  • small:  10 cm nursery pot