Very easy cactus that is great for beginners.  The Ladyfinger is a slow growing cactus that grows in clusters and stays small.  This cactus reaches a maximum height of about 20cm but will continue putting out new shoots and becoming thicker over time.


Only water when it completely dries out, which can be 2-3 weeks during inactive periods.  When it is growing, water about once every 7-14 days.


Works well indoors and outside.  

Mammilaria elongata 'Ladyfinger'

  • Light

    Bright interior light, or anything from partial shade to full sun outdoors


    When the soil is completely dry, about every 2-3 weeks when the cactus is not actively growing, and every 1-2 weeks when it is growing

  • small:  5cm nursery pot with premium cactus potting mix



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