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Lithops are succulents originating from South Africa.  Commonly called ‘living stones’ due to their appearance and low profile in the ground, they avoid being eaten in the wild by blending in with stones on the ground.  There are at least 37 species of lithops and approximately 145 varieties.  The varieties have adapted to their environments with colors and textures that closely mimic the groundcover in their region.


Lithops karasmontana has paired leaves that eventually form clumps and spread.  They reach a height of up to 4 cm.  These lithops leaves have the appearance of two grey stones with brown splashes of color.  Given the right conditions, a flower will emerge from the crack between the leaves.  The flowers are amazing, up to 5cm diameter appearing to appear out of the ground.  A new set of leaves will grow from the lithops every year, given  proper conditions.
Lithops are very slow growing plants that remain compact.  They are great houseplants and show better when grouped together, especially when several varieties are used to have varying colors and textures.  This gives the appearance of a ‘living stone’ garden.


Lithops are increasingly popular houseplants that are easy to care for if given sufficient light and very well draining soil.  They have long periods of dormancy when they don’t grow actively, usually during the hottest months of the year, and have most of their growth of new leaves during the colder parts of the year.

Lithops karasmontana

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  • Light
    Bright indirect light, can tolerate some direct sun

    Lithops are susceptible to overwatering.  They have long dormant periods where water should be restricted to avoid rot and the leaves splitting.  It is crucial that they be kept in very well draining soil to avoid rot.  Growing lithops in strong light will help toughen the skin of the plants, which helps them resist damage from overwatering.

  • small:  6cm nursery pot