Homalomena Rubescens is a classic interior plant that is very easy to care for and grows to a fairly large size indoors.  It is very adaptable to a variety of conditions, pest resistant, and tolerates most light conditions.  Homalomena has been very popular with our customers who want a very easy, durable interior plant in low light conditions.  Great for the office as well.


The plants for sale are medium+ sized for this species, but grow fairly quickly and are a great option for a medium/large interior plant.  Grows to approximately 1m tall and the stems spread in all directions.



Homalomena Rubescens

SKU: hemalomena
  • Light

    Does well in most light conditions, including lower light


    Will tolerate a certain amount of abuse, but does best if the soil is keep lightly moist.  Water 1-2 times per week.


    Optional, but will grow faster and more vigorously if fertilzed lightly once a month.

  • Large:  23-27 cm diameter nursery pot with our premium tropical potting mix

    Plants are approximately 80cm tall and have several 25+ cm long leaves



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