Fantastic cactus specimen from a local grower, the Gymnocalycium horstii 

can grow to a maximum diameter of approximately 25 cm and produce offsets that further enhance it's appearance and propagate easily.


Gymnocalycium horstii can produce breathtaking flowers given the correct conditions.  The flowers can reach 10 cm in diameter and have colours ranging from white, light pink, to light purple.  


This cactus species does very well even in our harsh outdoor conditions where it tolerates the hot, dry season as well as the rainy season.  We find this to be one of the easiest to grow cactus indoors as well, where it just needs good light and minimal care.  The ease of care makes this a great cactus for beginners.


These are very well taken care of cactus with a quality rarely seen in commercially produced plants.



Gymnocalycium horstii

  • small:  6 cm diameter nursery pot



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