Ficus Elastica, more commonly referred to as rubber trees, are highly recommended plants that are great indoors or outside.  


The burgundy rubber tree is probably the most popular cultivar for houseplant enthusiasts, due to it's ornamental beauty as well as how easy it is to grow.  The very dark burgundy foliage color is an attractive and elegant aesthetic touch.  The plant grows a little more slowly and is shorter and stockier than the green ficus elastica varieties.


Rubber trees are very easy to care.  They enjoy heat and a lot of light.  They enjoy lots of light and hot conditions outside, and bright indirect or filtered light indoors (they will still thrive if you are fortunate enough to have direct light indoors).   Rubber trees can be sensitive to overwatering and should only be watered when the soil is almost completely dried out.  Ours tend to require water about every 10 days indoors, and every 5-7 days outdoor.  Keep in mind we live in an area where it is usually quite hot, and adjust your watering accordingly.  


Will usually grow to 1.8-2 m indoors or in small to medium pots.  Grown outdoors, especially in the soil or in very large pots, rubber trees can grow to gigantic sizes.  

Ficus elastica Burgundy

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  • Light

    Bright indirect to direct light.  This plant enjoys light and heat.


    Sensitive to overwatering.  Only water when the soil is almost completely dry.

  • medium:  27cm diameter nursery pot with our premium potting mix

    The plant for sale is 1m+ tall including the pot


    Note:  the plant comes in a nursery pot.  The ceramic pot in the photo is not included.