The Belize variety of rubber tree features prominent cream to pink colored variegation.  Rubber trees are great, easy growing, low care plants both indoors and outdoors and the variegated versions are even more sought after.  


Somewhat slow growing plants that will reach a maximum of about 2 metres when grown in containers.  Grown outdoors rubber trees can reach enormous sizes over time.  Wipe the leaves with a damp cloth from time to time to remove any dust.  This will help the plant 'breathe' and will improve it's appearance.


You may wish to prune your rubber tree to control it's shape and size, although some people prefer to let it grow tall.



Ficus elastica 'Belize' variegata

  • Light

    Medium to bright indirect sunlight.  


    Water when the first 3-5 cm of the soil are dry, about once every 7-14 days.

  • Medium:  20cm diameter nursery pot.  Plant is 70cm+ tall and has been pruned so that it has 4 branches

    Large:  25cm diameter nursery pot.  Plant is 80cm+ tall and has been pruned so that it has 4 branches

    Plants are potted in our premium potting mix



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