One of the most popular flowering succulents, this euphorbia variety is very easy to care for and continuously produces red/pink flowers if grown in the right condition.


Very easy to care for plants.  Water when the soil dries and provide it with as much bright indirect or direct light as possible to encourage vigorous flowering.  Fertilizing approximately once a month will also help the plant continue to produce more flowers.  


These plants are durable and tolerate bright, hot sun and fare surprisingly well in stormy, rainy conditions.  We leave ours out on a patio that gets full sun all morning and receives rain and wind, and it is flourishing.


If the plant is damaged it will produce a white sap that is poisonous and that should be washed off your skin immediately.  

Euphorbia Milii (Crown of Thorns)

  • Light

    The more light the better it will flower.  Bright indirect light to full, direct sun is best.  These can grow indoors but in these cases need a location with as much light as possible. 


    Water only when the soil completely dries, although these plants wil tolerate rain when grown outdoors in hot climates.


    Applying fertilizer once a month will promote flowering.  Time release granular fertilizer is a great option.

  • Medium:  16 cm diameter nursery pot with our premium cactus soil mix

    Plants are approximately 50-60 cm tall



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