Epiphyllum Anguliger, also called the Fishbone or Rik Rak cactus, is instantly recognizable because of it's characteristic shape.  Highly desirable, collectible, jungle cactus species that is very easy to grow indoors or outside.  These do very well in our tropical climate and require very little care, making them great for novices.


They do great as potted plants or in hanging baskets.  They tolerate lower light to a degree but do best in bright indirect light indoors and partial shade/filtered light outdoors. 


Comes in a  15 cm nursery pot  

*ceramic pot not included

Epiphyllum Anguliger

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  • Light

    Bright indirect light indoors.  Partial shade or filtered light outdoors.  Will tolerate most light conditions from low light to bright direct light, but won't thrive in these conditions.


    About once every 7-14 days, when the soil dries.  Will tolerate drought or underwatering but does not thrive in these conditions.  Do not overwater.  Use a well draining cactus potting mix.

  • medium:  15cm diameter nursery pot with our premium cactus and succulent potting mix

    Growth is over 30cm in length