We love this Crown of Thorns with delicate red flowers.  It is a great example of the beauty of flowering cactus species.  This particular species stays short and is slow growing, perfect as a decorative plant in place of cut flowers.  It produces a lot of red flowers constantly if grown in proper conditions.


It would prefer to be outdoors in full sun and heat, but we have been able to grow this variety indoors as long as it is an VERY high light area and does not get cold drafts from an air conditioner.  Other than the light requirement these are very easy to grow.  Adding a flower fertilizer will help it keep blooming.


Makes a great gift as a potted plant, in place of cut flowers.  Given the right conditions it will keep flowering indefinitely.

Crown of Thorns - Red

SKU: CoTred
  • Light

    Prefers the most light you can give it.  Can be grown indoors but needs high light.


    When the soils is completely dry


    Use a flowering fertilzer regularly so that this cactus continues to produce more and better flowers

  • small:  13cm diameter nursery pot with our premium cactus potting soil mix



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