Crested euphorbia lactea are an easy growing and interesting euphorbia, not cactus at all, but are commonly known as coral cactus.  Occasionally euphorbia lacteas crest, formining interesting shapes.  Those that are shaped like fans are often requested due to their interesting growth pattern.


Your crested cactus will come potted in handmade pottery from La Tombola  The pot is 'sand' glazed, with a drainage hole and round bottom.   This is a high quality pot made in Costa Rica.


Coral cactus do well indoors as well as outside.  Requires only minimal care.  To some degree, the shape of new growth can be influenced by rotating the plant so that new growth will grow towards the light.


The plant for sale is the one pictured.  


The pot is 14cm diameter, 10cm tall.  The plant is 25cm+ tall including the pot.


Choose 'It's a gift' and we will gift wrap this item for free.  

Coral cactus in pottery by La Tombola

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