We are thrilled to offer one of our favorite cactus in our webstore for the first time.  If you follow our social media posts and stories, you may have already seen some photos and videos of this cactus and it's incredible flowers.  


Cereus peruvianus, commonly called the Peruvian Apple Cactus or the Queen of the Night, is one of the easiest growing, large cactus species.  It can be grown indoors or outdoors, in pots or in the ground, and is highly adaptable.   It grows quickly for a cactus species, and can reach over 2m tall when grown in pots.  When grown in soil this species can grow huge, as hight as 10m+.  If you know where to look, there are some fantastic species growing outdoors in Costa Rica.  


Cereus peruvianus is known for it's spectular flowers, which is why some call it 'Queen of the Night'.  Grown in proper conditions, they will flower seasonally producing very large white flowers that open at night, close again in the day, and reopen again for 2-4 nights.  If the flowers are pollinated the cactus produces a fruit that somewhat resembles an apple, thus the common name 'Peruvian Apple Cactus'.  When sliced open the fruit is white with black seeds, somewhat similar to a dragonfruit.  It is edible and is reputed to be highly nutritious, but is bland.


The plant for sale in our webstore is the one shown in the first picture, and is just over 35cm tall including the pot, and in a 12cm diameter pot.  It is a beautiful cactus as it is currently, but will take some time to achieve it's true size and to produce flowers.  If you are interested in large specimens and are in Jaco, or can arrange to pick it up, contact us as we have typically have a few species that are approximately 2m tall.

Cereus peruvianus

  • Light

    As bright light as possible indoors (direct light to bright indirect light)

    Outdoors full sun to medium light


    Outdoors water once the soil has been completely dry for several days. In our hot climate these cactus are somewhat tolerant of overwatering (they survive our rainy season very well) but it's still important to try not to overwater them.

    Indoors water about once a month

    When in doubt, you can leave them additional days before watering.  Feel the texture of the cactus as it will get soft and have some 'give' when it needs watering.  When it is plump and full feeling, it does not need water.  The cactus flesh will also show signs of wrinkling or puckering when it needs water.

  • Medium:  14cm diameter nursery pot in our custom cactus potting mix

    Cactus for sale is 40cm in height including the pot



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