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The Calathea Ornata or 'Pinstripe' calathea is one of the most famous of the 'prayer plants' varieties and is a popular choice with plant collectors.  The large leaves have white and pink lines and will point straight up in the air at night.  It is a very striking plant and a 'must' for any calathea collection.


Calathea Ornata are easy to grow, but require good humidity to thrive.  Without adequate humidity the leaves tend to get brunch and crunchy, so consider placing this plant in a humid location, or on a tray of pebbles with water.  Regular misting will also help keep the leaves looking healthy.

Calathea ornata

  • Light

    Bright, indirect light indoor


    Prefers to be kept a little on the moist side.  Water when the first few cm of the soil is dry, about 1-2 times a week.


    Half strength fertilizer about once a month will help your plant reach it's full potential.  


    The most common issue with calatheas is lack of humidity.  Place your calathea in a humid location and mist from time to time to help keep the leaves looking their best.  You may also place your plant on a tray of pebbles and water to increase the humidity around the plant.

  • Medium:  17 cm nursery pot with our premium tropical potting mix