Musaica does not have the purple leaf underside, or green and purple leaf colors traditionally associated with Calatheas.  Instead Calathea Musaica has a complex, almost geometrical green and yellow pattern on it’s leaves, which is why it is also commonly referred to as ‘the network plant’.  From a distance, the leaf pattern is subtle, but the closer you look at it the more mesmerizing it can be.  The leaves will stand erect during evenings as is typical of ‘prayer plants’.  It is one of the most interesting plants in our collection, and we can’t think of anything that resembles it. 


Calathea Musaica originates from Brazil, and would typically grow under the canopy in the jungle, so it needs high humidity and soil that is kept slightly moist.  Provide it with bright indirect light (medium +).  Although Calathea Musaica is easier to care for than most prayer plants, we still recommend it to plant enthusiasts with some prior experience with houseplants.

Calathea Musaica

  • Medium:  17cm diameter nursery pot 

    Plant is over 30cm tall not including the pot