This popular Maranta variety has beautiful, delicate tropical leaves and is one the best examples of the charasteristic 'prayer plant' leaf movement.  The leaves spread out horizontally during the day, but at night they move dramatically upward until they are pointing straight up.  


Maranta leuconara var kerchoviana shows more dramatic leaf movement than any other calathea or maranta in our stock.  It's quite amazing to watch over the course of an evening.  The leaves are beautifully patterned, msking this plant an ideal houseplant and conversation piece.


This Maranta is closely related to calatheas but is easier to grow.  It does well in lower light conditions, prefers the soil to be kept on the moist side, and should be trimmed back every so often to encourage fresh growth.  As with all plants in this family, it enjoys a humid environment.


The plant does not get very tall (30-45cm) but spreads out over time.  


Maranta leuconara var. kerchoviana

  • Light

    Does well in medium to lower light conditions, including under fluorescent lighting.  Direct sun may damage the leaves.


    About 1-2 week.  Likes the soil to be evenly moist, and enjoys higher humidity environments.


    Half strength every 2-4 weeks when the plant is actively growing.


  • Medum:  15 cm nursery pot with premium potting mix