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The Fishbone prayer plant, ctenanthe burle-marxii, or calathea Burle Marx

is a true classic interior houseplant due to it's wonderful foliage, preference for lower light and easy care.  This is an interior low light classic.  It does well even in rooms that receive only a few hours of low, indirect natural light (i.e. a few meters away from a window that gets 2-3 hours of morning or late afternoon light).  This is also a good choice for many office workspaces that have filtered light and fluorescent lighting.  We placed some at the back of our store, the furthest away from the window possible, and they have thrived. 


Prefers a humid environment and for the soil to be kept at least a little moist.  We find Burle Marx to be one of the more resilient maranta / calathea varieties.  


The plant remains relatively compact, with a maximum height of approximately 40 cm, but will get continue to fill out.  As the plant gets more shoots and leaves the effect of the foliage really stands out and becomes more dramatic.  It also is a great match with other maranta and calatheas, or purple/black plants like begonias.





Calathea Burle Marx

  • Light

    It needs some light, but not much.  Does best in low to medium indirect light situations.  


    Keep the soil at least partially moist.  Prefers a humid environment and appreciates an occasional misting.


    Half strength fertilizer once a month during active growth periods.

  • Small:  15 cm nursery pot with our custom, premium tropical potting mix