We can't think of a more 'tropical' looking plant in our collection.  Caladium lindenii are native to Colombia and have striking, large green leaves with accentuated white veination.  It's another fantastic variegated plant species that gets a lot of comments in our boutique.  They are also known by the name 'angel's wing' or 'magnificent wing'.


Caladium lindenii do well either indoors with filtered light or in semi shaded outdoor spaces.  The ones in our collection are loving the 'medium to medium+ light' areas of our home, out of the direct path of any air conditioning. If the plant shows any sign of stretching out, or not growing full, place it in a location with more natural light. These plants do even better in hot, humid, semi-shaded locations outdoors and also make a great patio plant. 

Caladium lindenii

  • Light
    Indoors:  medium to medium + filtered light is best
    Outdoors:  semi – shade wih no bright direct light


    Keep the soil on the moist side.  Water when the first several centimeters of soil are dry.  Caladium lindenii prefer a more humid environment.  If in an indoor space, keep them out of the direct path of air conditioning.

  • medium:  17cm diameter pot with our premium tropical potting mix