These are very nice Echinopsis Oxygona produced by one of our favorite local growers.  They are very healthy and have a lot of offsets which are easy to propagate.  This variety is easy to grow, even for cactus, and does well both indoors and outdoors in our harsh climate.  They can tolerate neglect and overwatering quite well.  This is a great plant for beginners, those who have had trouble growing plants in the past, or home owners who are not able to check in on their plants often.


We have yet to get ours to flower, but it can produce large funnel shaped flowers that are quite large (up to 20cm long and over 10cm diameter)  in comparison to the size of the cactus.


Echinopsis Oxygona is native to Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay, but has been popular with collectors for many years.  The cactus we are offering are the nicest grown Echinopsis Oxygona we have seen in the local market.

Echinopsis oxygona

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  • Light

    Prefer bright (indirect or direct) light indoors or outdoors, but can tolerate all medium+ light conditions

    When the soil is completely dry, about once every 2 weeks.  The cactus will show signs of puckering when underwatered, but will quickly rebound once watered.  The cactus will seem plump and full when it is has sufficient water.  

    Lightly when the cactus is actively growing.


  • small:  10cm nursery pot with the original grower's cactus soil mix