The 'Bishop's Cap' cactus always shows up on the list of most collectible cactus for a reason.  It's unique star shape, color and texture make this one of the most recognizable and beautiful of the small cactus varieties.  The flowers are about 4 cm diameter and similar to daisies, each lasting about 2 days but often blooming in succession over a period of many weeks.  This is a slow growing cactus, although it can bloom even when it is young.  


Astrophytums prefer being placed in a warm, bright spot directly in front or close to a window that gets good natural light.  It requires only the most minimal care as it requires very little water or fertilizer and is fairly pest resistant.   


Recommended for anyone looking for something special.  This is a good choice for everyone from beginners to serious collectors.

Astrophytum myriostigma

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  • Light

    Bright indoor light.  Directly in front of or near a window with good light


    Only when it is dry.  Be extra careful not to overwater.  When you water, do not let the  plant sit in the tray of water.  Keeping your astrophytum in a warm location in front of a window with good light will also help keep the soil from remainig too moist.


    Requires little to no fertilizer.  Only fertilize in small doses during the growing season.  This one grows slowly.

  • small:  10 cm nursery pot