Begonia Masoniana is more commonly known as the 'Iron Cross Begonia' . Its  has unusual  leaf coloration  that resembles the Iron Cross, which was the symbol of the Knight's Templar  during the Crusades.  The leaves are heavily textured with small  hairy mounds covering the  entire surface. 


This begonia prefers bright indirect light, near a bright window.   We recommend keeping the soil moist (but not soggy) when the plant is in an active growth period.  Once the growth slows down,  allow the soil to dry slightly in between waterings.   Avoid getting the leaves wet and do not let your begonia stand in water as this can contribute to rot.

Begonia Masoniana 'Iron Cross'

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  • Light 

    Outdoors: Bright indirect light to medium light

    Indoors:  Bright indirect light 


    Keep soil moist during active growth periods.  When growth slows down, allow soil to dry slightly in between waterings. 


    Fertilize your begonia every two weeks with a houseplant fertilizer during active growth periods.


  • medium:  12-15cm diameter nursery pot with our premium tropical potting mix