Lucerna is another stunning ‘Angel wing’ begonia variety somewhat similar to Maculata.  This hybrid was introduced in 1892 in Switzerland.  

Lucerna grows on a cane stem and is easy to grow.  It grows a little more slowly than the Maculata, but the leaves tend to be bigger and it flowers more frequently and vigorously.  This Begonia variety can grow tall, full and large over time with large leaves and many pink/red flowers.  As with other cane Begonias, it is easy to propagate.

Pay attention to the plant care instructions provided here and with your purchase, as this plant does require proper light conditions and a little attention when watering.  Lucerna is still quite easy to grow if basic instructions are followed, and quite easy compared to most Begonias.

We highly recommend ‘Angel Wing’ begonia varieties like Lucerna and Maculata to novices and serious collectors alike.  They are some of the easiest, fastest growing and most rewarding begonias.

Begonia Lucerna

  • Light

    Bright indirect light


    About 2 times per week

  • Small:  2-3 leaves in a 10cm diameter nursery pot in our premium tropical potting mix

    Large:  4 or more leaves in a 13cm or larger diameter nursery pot in our premium tropical potting mix.  Plant is approximately 50cm tall including the pot.