This bird's nest anthurium species is one of our all time favorites.  The leaves are more uniformly broad and thicker than most other Anthurium Salvinii hybrids.  We find this gives Tabacon Original a more prehistoric look and feel, and love having this specimen in our collection.  It is a very durable and easy to grow plant that does very well in true low light conditions.  A must have for low light interiors.  These plants can grow to very large sizes over time, with leaves that can reach over 1m in length.

Anthurium 'Tabacon Original'

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  • Light

    Does well in very low light to medium light conditions.  Can tolerate bright indirect but does better in somewhat lower light.


    Tolerates some over and underwatering, but prefers to be watered when the soil dries, about once every 7-10 days.

  • Small:  14cm diameter nursery pot

    Larger leaves are over 40cm in length