Anthurium Crystallinum is quickly becoming very popular with collectors and is high demand.  We are thrilled to be able to offer some very excellent quality specimens to our customers.  


Anthurium Crystallinum is a velvet leaf species that is prized for it's large, oval shaped, strongly veined leaves.  New leaves start almost red in color and change to green with white veins as they mature.  The plant gets it's name from the small shiny crystals that appear in the leaves and shine in the light.



Anthurium Crystallinum

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  • Light

    Indirect light / partial shade


    Keep the soil lightly moist and do not let it dry out.  Prefers a humid environment.  Do not place it in the direct path of air conditioning.  Provide ample air flow to avoid issues with fungul diseases.

  • Large:  18cm diameter nursery pot in our premium tropical potting mix  

    Average height of plant is 40-45 cm tall including the pot