Anthurium Magnificum are classic tropical foliage plants primarily prized for their upright, patterned leaves.  They are a great way to add a jungle vibe to your space, as the plant fills out with numerous large, rounded, green leaves with prominent veins.  They are also very easy to take care of in our tropical environment and are a great introduction to collectible Anthuriums.

Magnificum are native to a variety of tropical areas in South America, Central America and the Caribbean.  The flowers are the typical spike and spathe that are common to many anthuriums, but these are relatively unremarkable compared to the foliage of these plants.  Leaves can grow quick large as the plant matures, reaching lengths of 50 cm, which makes for a stunning tropical statement in your plant collection.  


We love our Magnificums so much that one or more of them routinely makes an appearance in the background of our photos.  


*pottery not included

Anthurium magnificum

  • Light

    Indoors:  bright, indirect light.  While these plants can tolerate periods of lower light, in our experience they prefer medium+ light indoors.

    Outdoors:  partial shade, filtered light


    About once a week, when the first few centimeters of the soil are dry.  Prefers to be kept a little moist, so try not to let it dry out completely.


    Half strength fertilizer once every 2 months will help the plant grow more quickly and vigorously.


    Prefers to be in a humid environment.

  • Medium:  17 cm diameter nursery pot 

    Plants are potted with our custom, high quality tropical potting mix